A Tucson Original

Tucson's favorite Mexican Food Since 1947. The Molina Family has been serving Tucson and Southern Arizona for four generations. Let us cater your fiesta!
6225 East Speedway Blvd Tucson, Arizona.


Mexican Food Tucson Since 1947


The Original Casa Molina (House of Molina) is that rare establishment which is authentic and the best of it’s kind. Marked by the statue of “El Toro, the Brave Black Bull”, and a hand painted sign of the matador, its softly aging adobe walls enclose pure Mexico for the aficionado.

Once inside the door you will be graciously met by one of the Molina Family…from this moment on, all of our services will be at your disposal. Here you are supreme!Casa Molina has extended every courtesy to our guests since we first opened in 1947, with a seating capacity of 16. We now accomadate over 300 in comfort!

In our entry you find a stone fireplace. Above the fireplace note the ceramic plaque of Guadalupe (the Saint whose vision was seen in ancient Mexico)…. below a candle will always be found burning! It is now that you will be seated in one of the three dining rooms or the outdoor patio.

Should you prefer just cocktails, you might want to be seated in our quiet lounge , the Cantina. With the lights at a minimum, you will soon find yourself in complete relaxation! Here is the perfect place for a tempting cocktail made with tequila, which is the distilled juice from the Mexican cactus. It’s refreshing!

Of the dining rooms, the outdoor patio is the favorite. Here you dine under the stars in true exotic seating. Soon forgotten is the fact the city awaits you outside these quiet walls. Native costumed waiters and waitresses serve you graciously, explaining the various Mexican dishes if you are new to the cuisine.

As you become aware of your surroundings, you notice that the walls glow with jewel-like spots of color… those are Mexican plates of transparent glass mounted on the walls and lighted from behind. You see a fountain fashioned of stone with water cooly bubbling in the center of the patio. One end of the patio is covered by a ramada (shelter) made from the ribs of the gigantic saguaro cactus, dried and bleached in the sun. This is truly outdoor dining at it’s best!

The Redondo (round) Room is extraordinary, indeed! Shaped in a perfect circle, you will find dining here most pleasent. Note the bewamed ceilings are covered with saguaro ribs. The ceiling lamps, made of hand wrought copper, are imported from Mexico and add charm to an already beautiful room. Like the patio and all of Casa Molina, you feel as though Mexico is right outside the door. The other two dining rooms remind you of a freindly home across the border. The furniture is custom-made by Gilberto Molina Sr.,from hand hewn mesquite tree forks and pine slabs. On the walls are hand painted plates and cacharros (pots) made if baked clay. Should you be in Mexico these are the types of pots you would see women cooking in.

Speaking of cooking, the kitchen doors at Casa Molina are always open. You may, at any time, walk through and see our native chefs working their magic with exotic herbs and spices. At all times you will find our kitchen spotless and gleaming!

It’s time to leave Casa Molina. The food has been superb, the cocktails delightful and the evening most enjoyable. You leave with the feeling of having discovered a completely different world of pleasure…. one you will return again and agian.. so ‘ till we meet again.
Adios Amigos